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The Ayushman Air Ambulance provides world class emergency medical services for transfer of critically ill patients from one place to another (national or international) along with highly experienced staff and doctors by air and saves precious time in charter aircrafts, commercial flights and helicopters. These services are provided to the patients requiring medical help at distant places or who need specialized services. Different kinds of aircrafts available depending upon the need and distance for transfer of patients. These kinds of transfers can only be provided at the cities, where the functional airport is available. Helicopters can only be used for the places where airport is not available and patients can be transferred within a distance of about 250- 300 kms of destination. The time of transfers can only be decided depending upon the weather conditions, airport timings and availability of aircrafts. A Doctor and a technician accompany the patient from "bedside to bedside" throughout the transfer.


We have fleet of specialized road ambulances, registered as ALS ambulance by the health and family welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, which can provide complete medical care to the patients for transfers within India only along with highly experienced staff, doctors and drivers. All emergency medical procedures like temporary pacemaker implantation, intra chest tube drainage, central venous cannulation, intubation and many more can be done in the ambulance itself. There are different types of ambulance services available, which are as follows:

  • A. ACLS ambulance (advanced cardiac life support ambulances): These fully air conditioned vehicle carries in it the most sophisticated ICU equipments to fulfill any kind of need during transfer, which are as follows-
    •   Versamed i-Vent (Wipro GE 201 and 101), Resmed Elisee ventilators with all the three modes of ventilation, i.e. CMV, SIMV, CPAP and is pediatric and neonate compatible.
    •   Multipara Monitors with all the five parameters (12.1 inch screen), optional ETCO2 monitoring and printer.
    •   Biphasic Defibrillators (Hp), Philips Heartstart XL, AED with external pacemaker and printer.
    •   Temporary pacemaker pulse generator with leads, introducer set and sterilized pace-making / dressing set.
    •   Syringe pumps and Suction machine.
    •   Transporting foldable stretchers and Scoop stretchers.
    •   Two D-type and two A-type oxygen cylinders which can be put to continuous oxygen supply for more than 24 hours.
    •   Equipped with emergency warning lights, sirens, and telecommunications equipments.
    •   All sorts of emergency medicines, drugs and other equipments like laryngoscope, endo-tracheal tube, temporary pacemaker, pulse oxymeter, ambu-bags, Bain’s circuit etc.

  • B. Ambulances for events : these ambulances are widely used for the emergency services and precautionary measures, during the various types of governmental and private events and road-shows. Our expedient and reliable ambulance services are preferably used for road-shows, product demonstrations, product launches, advertising campaigns, etc. by a large number of national & multinational companies and corporations of the commercial business sector.

  • C. BLS ambulance (basic life support ambulances) : These ambulances have oxygen cylinders for any kind of need, basic medications and all sorts of first aid equipments.

  • D. BLS Ambulance with air conditioning : These fully air conditioned ambulances have oxygen cylinders for any kind of need, basic medications and all sorts of first aid equipments.

  • E. Mortuary/ Hearse van : These ambulances used for the transfer of dead bodies from one place to another.
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